Tips to drive safely with two-wheelers

This is a note-to-self post. Posting it on the internet to see if anyone benefits from it. In India, we drive left-side. So, if you are from a country where people drive right-side, this post may be confusing.

Tip #1 - Use the rearview mirror

Use the rearview mirror whenever…

  • you are going to overtake another vehicle.
  • you are going to take left or right on a junction.
  • you are going to take left or right on a road that changes direction.

Tip #2 - Use the left-most space

Don’t always go in the middle of the road. As a rule of thumb, no other vehicle should be able to go post you on your left side.

Tip #3 - Use your right hand to scratch

This tip is particularly for two-wheelers. There may be times when you want to scratch a part of the body for some reason. You may be tempted to use the left hand so that it doesn’t slow down the speed. When you use either of the hand, remember that you have only one hand to balance (since the other hand is being used). So, when you get distracted at this moment due to a street dog or something else, your right hand has to do two jobs.

  1. To balance the vehicle
  2. To control the speed of the vehicle.

At this point, it is very easy to lose the balance and increase the speed (unknowingly and unconsciously), resulting in an accident. So, always use the right hand to do anything.

Tip #4 - Don’t honk

There was a famous post in facebook by a doctor who tried to stop honking for a month. I couldn’t find the link to the post. However, the summary of the post is that you’d drive much more safely and you’d do everyone a favour by not honking.