My health has been deteriorating for years mainly due to lifestyle. So, I try to make small lifestyle changes for years. However, most of them didn’t help or I go back to my old routines and habits that was the reason for deterioration. So, I picked up intermittent fasting in 2020 for over 30 days. That was my first attempt. I skipped junk food and sugar for the whole period (of 30+ days). I could recognize the results in a month. I lost some unwanted fat. Hip size reduced. My old pants started to fit. I had to buy new smaller shirts (happy about it). As with other changes, I reverted back to old ways.

Again in 2021, I tried fasting again for 30+ days. No big change like the first time. I was disappointed at the results in the weighing scale (I shouldn’t have weighed myself and just continued TRE for its long-term benefits). Also, I tried to push the limits too soon. I tried to do 18 hour initially and quickly switched to 36 hours within 30 days.

Last October, I realized that the things are getting worse and time to pull up the sleeve. So, I understood the mistakes of previous attempts at time restricted eating. Mainly, I tried to avoid junk food and sugar. It was a habit that I couldn’t control even now. Time restricted eating is not about leaving out sugar or junk food. It’s all about restricted the window of eating schedule and continue this journey for months and years. So, I decided to take it in an easy way this time (in a slow and steady manner).

My initial goal is to get past 2 months mark (on Time Restricted Eating). I did and went beyond it too. Currently, I have been on TRE for over 100 days. Mostly I skipped the morning meal. I eat between 2pm and 8pm.

Since the start of this month (Feb 2023), I am trying to switch to OMAD (One Meal A Day) on certain days of the week. I already see the benefits of OMAD. My health is no longer in deterioration mode. My current wish is to continue this OMAD for at least 4 days a week to improve my physical and mental health. I will probably give an update on this in a few months from now, probably in Oct 2023, if I reached 1 year mark in TRE.