Mi Home Security Camera Review

In one line… Xiaomi Mi 360° 1080p Home Security Camera (MJSXJ02CM) is ideal for monitoring, but lacks essential features as a security camera. Some people in Amazon and Flipkart found my reviews helpful. So, I thought of writing this extended review as re-submitting my reviews take times to reflect on... [Read More]
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Fighting malware on BSNL BB network

BSNL broadband users have been seeing a malicious pop-up upon clicking anywhere on a page that is unsecured. A popular example of unsecured site / page is www.bsnl.co.in itself. Secured sites have the URL in the form of https://. Unsecured sites have the URL in the form of http://. Can... [Read More]
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My pi-hole.net setup

Pi-hole.net is a self-hosted DNS service that you can install on your own machine (such as in a USD5 per month VPS) and let us create a black hole for internet advertisers. While there are other free DNS services available on the internet, such as Google DNS, Cloudflare, Quad9, none... [Read More]
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Jekyll on macOS using MacPorts

Jekyll grows fast. Keeping it updated to the latest version is easy, if we keep every dependency to the latest version too, starting with ruby! The previous article on installing Jekyll on mac Sierra is too old to be used now. Also, it used the ruby version comes by default... [Read More]
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