The recommended way to pay any credit card bill is through auto-debit facility provided by the bank that issues the credit card. Since the rise of UPI and ease of paying bills in India, we have plenty of options now. Here, I describe how long each provider took to settle the CC (credit card) bill.

Amazon Pay

Since I already use Amazon regularly, I tried to pay through Amazon Pay. It took approximately 2 working / business days to pay the bill. Since, the due date usually falls on a (bank) working day, this is not a huge issue. However, as with any such payments (that takes working / business days), I have to calculate the dates in advance when there are multiple holidays ahead.

Google Pay

Google Pay took approximately 1 business / working day to settle the bill. Not bad.


This is the fastest method I’ve seen so far to pay and settle the CC bill. Literally, it took only less than 5 minutes. In the statement, I noticed that PayTM sends the money by IMPS that could be the reason for faster settlements.

Disclaimer: I am not an investor in PayTM or One97 Communications Ltd and will never invest in it.


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Note on Auto-debit Speed

While auto-debit works perfectly, it usually takes upto 8 hours from the time the funds are debited from the bank balance to the time it is credited into the credit card account. This is unusual, but who cares as it is the safest method. Also, auto-debit facility won’t work if the CC due is less than a threshold that may vary across banks.

How do you pay your credit card bill? Share it in the comments below!